The Value Visualization of IT

Michael D. Harris

Michael Harris, author, speaker and President & Owner of DCG Software Value, is passionate about the topic of Visualizing the Value of IT and is considered a thought leader in the software development industry. He believes that organizations need to focus less on cost and resource utilization as decision points and more on maximizing the business value of their software.

The Value Visualization Framework

Value Visualization Framework

A "Show Me the Money" Approach to Software Development

Organizations today are at a significant disadvantage by not making decisions based on economic data
during their software development lifecycle. Just like other areas of the business, software development
initiatives must also take a “Show Me the Money” approach. IT departments should be expected to deliver both a business and economic value; and if they can’t, the initiative should not go forward.

Collaboration is Key to Assuring Value

To achieve both the business and economic value goals of a software development initiative, it is imperative that the business units and IT collaborate to define these values and that they be held accountable to monitor the progress. Including IT in these discussions positions them to clearly understand the value of their initiative and to make data-driven decisions. This collaboration will result in the desired business and economic outcomes.

5-Step Process to Visualizing the Value

A simple 5-step process such as the Value Visualization Framework (VVF) enables stakeholders to jointly set goals, make data-based decisions and measure against those goals. Although the savings will vary, one thing is certain – organizations WILL save money on their software development costs by using this process.

value visualization framework


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